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Banking & Financial Planner Turned Stock Market & Hedge Fund Advisor

Interview with Terry Tran

In this podcast, Terry shares his remarkable story of how working long hours in the banking industry as a financial planner and suffering from burnout caused a major collapse in his health – to the point where he chose to take a couple of years out, meditate and learn how to work smarter. Through his dedication, hard work and passion, Terry was able to exit the corporate world albeit part-time, as he set up his hedge fund business ( modelling of the great Warren Buffet himself – and now runs his business full time from the comfort of his home.

His discipline in health and well-being will really inspire you as he is someone who practices the art of staying focused and he ensures he lives a healthy balanced life in order to achieve his goals. Terry’s mission is to help 10,000 people out there to have the knowledge and ability to manage their stock portfolio – and he teaches everyone from novice to expert on exactly how to do this. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did and hope you take away a lot of great advice from Terry.

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