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Gavin Sequeira interviews Kaz Muddell

Operations Manager Turned Fitness & Weight Loss Coach

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Interview with Kaz Muddell

In this podcast, Karen (Kaz) shares her journey which began in the corporate world working for IBM where she was a senior marketing and operations manager. Kaz goes through how she started the business part time whilst in corporate and over the last 8 years has really created a recognisable brand for her personal training and fitness business – Mind Body Motion ( Karen now has a strong following and is a real life success story on how to build a recognisable brand from scratch.


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Gavin Sequeira has put together an excellent read, which beautifully covers the fundamentals needed to succeed in your own business. So start reading now and discover how to turn your dreams into reality.

Dale Beaumont

Best Selling Author & MD, Business Blueprint

If you’re planning your escape from corporate into your own business, don’t do it alone! Gavin Sequeira has eloquently mapped out everything you’ll need to succeed in creating the life you really desire.

John Di Natale

MD, BIGthink! Business Booster