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7 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job Soon


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70% Of Employees Hate Their Jobs according to Forbes! So why do so many of us still go to work wishing we didn’t have to?

If you are laying around at night wondering what you’re still doing in your job, pondering how you’re going to make ends meet, whether there was something more meaningful or satisfying that you could be doing, perhaps work on that idea you’ve had in your head to start a business, then it’s time to stop dreaming about one day doing it and time to bite the bullet. Take some action and prepare yourself to quit your job. There, I’ve said it. Now, before you do, I urge you to make sure you have something lined up and a plan of action so that you don’t leave yourself high and dry when you do carry out this bold move, cause is it risky? Hell yeah! However, is it worth it in the long run? You bet!

You deserve better. Question is – are you willing to make the change?

Below are my top 7 reasons why you need to quit your job:

1. You Feel Like A Number And Not Making A Real Difference

Let’s be honest, no one likes being insignificant and sometimes in a large organisation, its easy to fall into this category. If you are feeling like just a cog in a big wheel, then thats probably close to the truth. Reality is that everyone, from the bottom right through to the top, including the CEO is replaceable, especially in large corporate organisations. If the company is a public company, then even the directors of the company are at risk of being replaced. At all times, you are either in favour, or out of favour with your boss and you count your blessings to be receiving a pay cheque each month.

But I bet you want more than just a pay check. You want to feel appreciated and that you are actually contributing to making a difference in the lives of others, right? Do you get this feeling from your current job? Is there a social aspect to your work where your boss or even your co-workers occasionally stop for a quick discussion about family, an informal conversation to see if you need an help, or simply to say a kind word? If not, then perhaps this is not the right environment you want to be in long-term. You are simply plodding along on the treadmill, and making very little impact.

2. Your Input Is Often Disregarded

We all have ideas from time to time and it feels good when someone takes them seriously. So if you find yourself unable to get your ideas across to your boss or the company are geared to taking on board suggestions, then its very hard to feel like you are contributing and this is a frustrating feeling.

Do you have a boss who constantly tells you he or she has enough ideas already and just needs you to do your job? Thats an indirect way of shutting you down. Worse is if you have a boss who steals your ideas and claims as their own to their management, without giving you the credit. That’s not only insulting, it’s demotivating and it wouldn’t surprise me if you just stopped trying because it doesn’t make a difference. Not the place you want to be in.

3. You Get Criticised Or Worse Humiliated

I used to have a manager that was very condescending and spoke down to me quite a lot. He was very intimidating and after every meeting with him I left feeling smaller than I did before we began. It was highly stressful, demotivating and hurtful. We all need constructive feedback from time to time and a little nudge goes a long way. When its time to lift our game, we all need to be told when we can do something better, more importantly shown how to do it better.

However there’s a time and a place, as well as a way in which this should be done. In today’s society theres’ no excuse for publicly humiliating someone for any reason whatsoever. If you are going through this, then this should be your biggest reason to quit as soon as possible!

4. There’s No Recognition

McDonalds is a great example of an organisation that recognises it’s staff. Each week, a staff member is highlighted in front of all their team mates and their names pinned on a board for all to see. This promotes a sense of achievement, contribution, pride, acknowledgement that we all crave for and best of all, respect from those around you for doing a good job. support,

At the end of the day, everyone needs praise and encouragement. We all need to know when we have busted our gut to get a job done and its rewarding when those in charge recognise you for it. Otherwise life is just way too short to be doing all the hard work with little to nothing to show for it.

5. Your Boss Manages Up, Not Down

In a typical corporate, or large company it’s everyone for themselves. As you move up in the management hierarchy there are fewer positions and therefore you have to know how to play the political game. I’ve seen it plenty of times in my experience where bosses will do what they need to do to ensure their job is safe, even if it comes at the expense of someone in their team. While you may be amongst the few to have a good boss (today), just remember that they are in the business of staying in business. In an economy where budgets are being squeezed and people are being measured on the bottom line, you are about as useful as long as it serves your boss.

New age leaders know that if their team succeeds, then the individuals on their team succeed, and by default they will succeed too. Unfortunately this is a rare trait and life is way too short expecting your boss to always look out for you. They mostly manage up, not down.

6. You Dread Going Into Work Each Day

Do you wake up excited about going into work? Or do you cringe at the thought each day? When you think about it, we spend a great deal of our adult life working and some of us will average well over 40-50 years of our lives working in various capacities for all sorts of organisations. Should we not then stop to think about whether we actually enjoy what we do?

Forbes did a study that showed unhappy employees outnumber happy ones by two to one worldwide! Which end of this statistic do you want to play in? If you are unhappy at work, you are going to drag that energy into your personal life and its going to be draining on everything else you do. Take time out to think about what you would rather be doing and do your research on what is feasible. Every job has its downsides, however every job should also have some fun moments, or exciting moments and constantly challenging moments. If you are not getting this right now, its definitely time for a change!

7. You Can’t See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Do you feel like you have strong career prospects with the job you’re in? Has the company got room for you to advance and take on more responsibilities, perhaps be in a leadership role? and is there greater earning potential if you were to stay on in your current job? Perhaps the answer is yes, but its a long road, or maybe the answer is a glaringly no, because there’s just no where else to move and you’re not even convinced your role is adding sufficient value so the clock is ticking and it’s time to explore new avenues.

A mentor once said to me, if you are not graduating each year to do better in your career, income, lifestyle, achievements, etc. then you are by default going backwards and repeating the previous year – kinda like repeating a year at school! So if you are not convinced that the next 12 months will be better than the last 12 months there’s a good chance you’ve reached the end of your journey in your current job and it’s time to move on.

Are you inclined to take action and leave your job? What fears are holding you back and do you believe there is a higher purpose out there waiting for you? Reply below to leave a comment and let us know your situation.  We’d love to hear your thoughts, as your insights can help many others just like you. Best responses will get shared on our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Gavin Sequeira is the author of the much acclaimed book ‘Break Free From Corporate’. Make sure you get your copy today to kickstart your transition from corporate and into your business. If you would like to contribute, please contact us through the “Contact” page and we look forward to connecting with you!

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