Most people — 80% according to Deloitte’s Shift Index survey — are dissatisfied with their jobs. So why do so many of us still go to work wishing we didn’t have to? If you are laying around at night wondering what you’re still doing in your job, pondering how you’re going to make ends meet, whether there is something more meaningful or satisfying that you could be doing, then it’s time to stop dreaming about one day doing it and time to bite the bullet. Research has shown that there are several reasons why you need to quit your job:

1. You Feel Like A Number And Not Making A Real Difference
No one likes being insignificant and sometimes in a large organisation it’s easy to fall into this category. Reality is that everyone, from the bottom right through to the CEO and board of directors is replaceable. So what is your significant worth in your job? Do you feel appreciated? If not, then perhaps this is not the right environment you want to be in long-term.

2. Your Input Is Often Disregarded
We all have ideas from time to time and it feels good when someone takes them seriously. So if you find yourself unable to get your ideas across to your boss, then it’s very hard to feel like you are contributing and this is a frustrating feeling. It’s worse if you have a boss who steals your ideas and claims these as their own to their management, without giving you the credit. That’s not only insulting, it’s demotivating and it wouldn’t surprise me if you just stopped trying. Not the place you want to be in.

3. You Get Criticised Or, Worse, Humiliated
I used to have a manager who was very condescending in the way he spoke to his staff. It was highly stressful, demotivating and hurtful. We all need constructive feedback from time to time and when it’s time to lift our game, we need to be inspired to do better. In today’s society there’s no excuse for harsh criticism or humiliation. If you are going through this, then this should be your biggest reason to quit as soon as possible.

4. There’s No Recognition
McDonald’s is a great example of an organisation that recognises its staff. Each week, a staff member is highlighted in front of all their team mates and their names pinned on a board for all to see. This promotes a sense of achievement, contribution, pride and acknowledgement that we all crave for and, best of all, respect from those around you for doing a good job. Otherwise life is just way too short to be doing all the hard work with little to nothing to show for it.

Gavin Sequeira is proof that there is light at the end of the tunnel! Having completed an MBA and a successful corporate career at IBM and Oracle, he successfully made the transition to running several of his own businesses, helping many others to do the same. Gavin is an active speaker, coach and author of ‘Break Free From Corporate – Be Your Own Boss.

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